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- 1/ Student training courses

Each year the CESBIO offers the possibility of doing an apprenticeship at the laboratory. These engagements are intended for students nearing the end of their studies who are required to do apprenticeships abroad in order to fulfil requirements needed to obtain their diplomas.

  • Some of these apprenticeships are sponsored by the CNES (students are paid by the CNES), but in order to qualify for such an apprenticeship, a convention must exist between the student’s University and the CNES. These apprenticeships are denoted by an asterix (stage CNES).
  • There are other apprenticeships sponsored by the CESBIO, and for these a convention is needed directly between the student’s University and the CESBIO.
    Such apprenticeships are denoted by an asterix (stage CESBIO). The apprenticeships indicated below take place at CESBIO and could possibly include some field work.

Please note that it is also possible to obtain an alternative form of apprenticeship (i.e. besides the two described above) at CESBIO. For such a case, please contact the secretary of CESBIO.

We propose also some apprenticeships which take place in another laboratory bound to the CESBIO, they are denoted by an asterix ("stage partenaire")

- 2/ Thesis

please contact the person on each subject proposal.

Thesis subjects 2014 :


    • very soon...

image Internships available (CNES Internships), Every year CNES plays host to 200 young trainees. Course opportunities, spread over the 4 CNES centres are offered to students: . in the last year of engineering school . at the end of university studies . having completed a two-year higher education course. (more details on the CNES web site).

These courses must be compulsory and be integrated in schooling to give rise to a convention between the School or University and CNES.



have a look on the CNES web site .....


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