SOUTH-WEST Project : Carbon and water budgets in the « Midi-Pyrénées » region.











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Towards a Regional observatory of the Environment : in order to determine scenarios of the potential evolution of the ecosystems, in response to anthropogenic and climatic pressures.

Why are we working on the South-West of France ?

Land areas ranging from landscape to catchment and regional scales are concerned by a number of socio-economical and scientific issues. Land management policies and resources management are planned and evaluated at these scales. In addition, very few studies are dealing with coupled budgets of carbon and water at the region scale.

The objective of this project is to contribute to the understanding and modelling of land surface functioning at landscape and small regions scales and to develop knowledges and generic methods.

The ensemble of available resources (experimental sites, data bases, models, remote sensing) will be utilized to address the problems of aggregation and disaggregation of the variables and the models, in other words, the scale transfer.

It concerns the creation of scientific databases (see the MCM10 experiment) and methodologies which permit :

  • the comprehension of the functioning of the entire ensemble of heterogeneous ecosystems which constitute the landscape, and the ensemble of landscapes which comprise a region ;
  • to diagnose the temporal evolution ;
  • to model the functioning of the aforementioned evolution ;
  • and to arrive at a level at which one is able to determine scenarii of the potential evolution of the functioning and the structure of the ecosystems, and their water and carbon budgets, in response to anthropogenic and climatic pressures.

A generic surface functioning model will describe the carbon and water exchanges within the soil-vegetation-atmosphere continuum : it will be conceived such that it will be able to be coupled at various scales with other types of models, in particular atmospheric and hydrological codes (SVAT).

The study area is located in the french « Midi-Pyrénées » region,. This project encompasses both scientific and applied goals.



The fields of utilization of the scientific results concern:

  • the specification of scientific bases : agri-environmental management of the areas,
  • the supply of tools : decision-making aid for the diagnoses and the scenarios,
  • the installation of a regional observatory of environment based on the space tools, and remote sensing applications.

satellite imagery and sunflower cultivation par cesbio_clp

Satellite imagery and sunflower cultivation - South-West Project : Carbon and water budgets in the « Midi-Pyrénées » region.

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