7th  SMOS Workshop

Agenda October 29-31, 2007
ESA ESRIN Frascati , Italy

Monday May 29th

Introduction (Chair: A. Hahne )


S. Mecklenburg
Introduction and aim of the workshop, approval of agenda 
Y. Kerr
13:50   Logistics J. Benveniste paper 
Session 1 Status of the project (Chair: A. Hahne)
Aim: Give an overall view of the current status of the project (the “big picture”). After an overall presentation of the project the status of the ground segments will be presented. The idea is that the attendees will have a view of the schedule and status of the project, indications on the products and how they will be produced and distributed.
14:00   SMOS activities (project status, including ground segment) A. Hahne paper   
15:00   Payload Performance expectations  M. Martin-Neira paper   
15:30   SMOS Validation Activities (status and organisation) S. Delwart paper        
15:45 coffee break
Session 2 Scheme for Cal Val Activities (Chair S. Delwart)
Aim summary of the planned cal val activities so as to identify gaps and how to fill them as well as introducing to all what is intended,
16:00    Context: overall SMOSCal/Val plan and requirements S. Delwart paper    
    Present activities  
16:10   Cal/Val AO Summary and main points ( Avila summary)
C. Bouzinac paper  
16:20   Results from North Sea campaign N. Reul paper 
16:40   Results from Australian campaign K. Saleh paper 
    Next steps       
17:00   The Danube anchor site W. Mauser  
17:20   The Valencia anchor Site E. Lopez Baeza paper 
17:40   Campaigns planned for the commissioning phase and related dress rehearsal P. Wursteisen paper 
18:00   Operations/routine phase (-E) Cal/Val activities P. Lecomte paper 
    Discussion All  
18:40   Ice breaker    
19:00    Adjourn    

Tuesday October 30th  

  Session 3: Level 1 (Chair: M. Suess )    
  Aim: What exactly is in level 1, what is planned, issues to be addressed, how to validate L1, on board calibration, indirect calibration.. Requirements for the Commissioning phase.    
8:30   Status and description of Level 1 algorithms A. Guttierez,
N. Catarino
9:00   Dome C characterisation, campaigns   M. Drinkwater paper
9:15   Vicarious calibration R. Crapolicchio paper
9:30   Status of the RFI Mitigation approaches N. Skou paper
9:45   Discussion around other possible targets (Takeliman dersert, rain forest and Ruf ‘s method) All
10:30   Coffee break    
  Session 4 : Level 2 Sea surface salinity (Chair: M. Drinkwater)    
  Aim: What exactly is in level 2, what should be done to improve algorithms, synergies with Aquarius, indirect cal val, necessary corrections and how to perform them. Requirements for the Commissioning phase.    
10:45   Status and description of level 2 algorithms (Salinity) J. Font paper
11:15   Discussion    

Results from SMOS demonstrator campaigns :
- Amiras CAmpaign
- HUT-2D measurements during CoSMOS-OS-2 campaign

M. Martin Porqueras J. Kainulainen paper paper
13:00   First results from Carols C. Parde paper
13:20   Discussion    
  Session 5 :     Level 2 Soil moisture (Chair P. van Oevelen)    
  Aim: What exactly is in level 2, what is planned, issues to be addressed, how to validate L2, ground measurement protocol; on board calibration, indirect calibration. Data assimilation in NWP models. Requirements for the Commissioning phase, and vicarious calibration.    
14:30   Status and description of Level 2algorithm (land) Y. Kerr paper
15:00   Soil Moisture Data base and status of the ground SM network
P. Van Oevelen paper
15:30   Discussion    
16:45   Coffee Break    
  Session 6 : Poster Session (have a look...)    
    Will include software demos (tentatively, SEPS GS, SRS, Levels 1, 2 SM and 2 OS…)    
17:30   Buffet-Dinner    

Wednesday October 31 st


  Sessions 7 :     Way forward (Chair: Y. Kerr)    
  Aim: summarise the findings and establish a plan forward with in mind the cal Val activities including vicarious plans, requirements to he commissioning phase, impact on SRVT activities       
8:30   Session reports by chairs main findings etc…    


  Session 8: New developments (Chair: S. Mecklenburg)    
  Aim: provide a place to present some new results new topics extracted fro the list of proposed posters as well as new challenges and venues    
9:45   The Near Real Time option (brief introduction and description of the technical and scientific options opened through this new development) S. Mecklenburg  
10:05   SMOS near real time data assimilation at ECMWF
CMEM: Community Microwave Emission Model : SMOS forward operator for Numerical Weather Prediction
M. Drusch
P. de Rosnay
10:20   Coffee break    
10:45   Status of Aquarius and collaboration with NASA G. Lagerloef paper
11:15    Recent data exploitation AO S. Mecklenburg  
11:30   Developments in Sea Ice and cryosphere applications     G. Heygster paper
11:50   Wrap up next steps and discussion Y. Kerr  
12:15   Adjourn, farewell and Lunch    



Evaluation of AMSRE soil moisture products based on ground soil moisture network measurements in the context of the preparation of the SMOS project. C. Gruhier et al. poster
UPC MIRAS / SMOS testing and performance tool Corbella et al. poster
CALIMAS CALIMAS: CAL CALibration ibration - validation of validation of Interferometric nterferometric Microwave icrowave And nd Salinity products. alinity products. Overview and current status Overview and current status Camps et al. poster
The SMOS End The SMOS End-to to-End Performance Simulator End Performance Simulator
(SEPS): Recent Improvements in Support to the (SEPS): Recent Improvements in Support to the
Camps et al. poster
High resolution geophysical data and SMOS data generation for end to end simulations and algorithm validation studies I. Meirold-Mautner et al. poster
Numerical simulations of Sea Surface Salinity Retrievals using the SMOS L2 processing
N. Reul et al. poster
Assessment of sunglint effects over land
M.J. Escorihuela et al. poster
Distribution of surface soil moisture: Measuring and modelling at the Rur test sites for SMOS Cal/Val
C. Montzka et al. poster
Iowa Validation Site: validating remotely-sensed measurements of the land surface hydrologic cycle. B. Hornbuckle et al. poster
Expectation Expectation-maximization analysis of satellite time series maximization analysis of satellite time series
A. L. Aretxabaleta et al. poster
Nonlinear Regression Models for Vertical Salinity Profiles: Nonlinear Regression Models for Vertical Salinity Profiles: Impact of Sea Surface Salinity Observations Impact of Sea Surface Salinity Observations
J. Ballabrera et al. poster
CP34: A SMOS high level data processing centre CP34: A SMOS high level data processing centre
J. Font et al. poster
The SMOS Barcelona Expert Centre on Radiometric Calibration
and Ocean Salinity and Ocean Salinity
J. Font et al. poster
the ARGO dataset for SMOS salinity products validation Using the ARGO dataset for SMOS salinity products validation
J. Gourrion et al. poster
The Santander standard section, the AGL Buoy and SMOS validation in the southern bay of Biscay A. Lavin et al. poster
Estimation of soil moisture from SMOS SEPSBIO simulated dataset using neural network B. Berthelot et al. poster
Vertical variability of Sea Surface Salinity and influence on L-band brightness temperature C. Henocq article
Multi-frequency microwave emission of broadleaf forests in Italy S. Paloscia poster
Soil Moisture Patterns and Spatial-Temporal Variability at the REMEDHUS Field Site (Spain):
the SMOS Pixel Inhomogeneity
J. Martinez-Fernandez poster
Transbounduary Net of Soil Monitoring at the Area of International West Polesie W. Skierucha poster
Example effects of the preliminary Cal/Val campaigns in Poland, Polesie, Szymbark W. Marczewski poster
Surface salinity response to forcing and parameter perturbations in a regional model of the eastern nord-atlantic ocean B. Mourre poster
GLOSCAL, Progresses in the description of the variability of sea surface salinity: from the sub-pixel to the global scale. F. Gaillard poster
ECMWF background errors on L-band brightness temperatures over the SMOSREX eld experiment.
Convergence between CMEM and LMEB models
P. de Rosnay poster
The DOMEX-2 Experiment : a contribution to SMOS calibration G. Macelloni poster
Synergies between SMOS and ASCAT Soil Moisture Cal/Val Activities W. Wagner poster
Sea Surface Roughness Empirical Model Sea Surface Roughness Empirical Model derived from SMOS Data derived from SMOS Data C. Gabarro poster


               Participant List

1 Ammar, Adel CLS FRANCE
2 Angiuli, Emanuele Tor Vergata University ITALY
3 Anterrieu, Eric OMP-LATT (CNRS) FRANCE
4 Aretxabaleta, Alfredo CMIMA/CSIC SPAIN
5 Belda-Esplugues, Fernando INM SPAIN
6 Benveniste, Jérôme ESA ITALY
7 Bermudo, Francisco CNES FRANCE
8 Bogena, Heye Forschungszentrum Jülich GERMANY
9 Boutin, Jacqueline CNRS FRANCE
10 Bouzinac, Catherine RHEA NETHERLANDS
11 Brockmann, Carsten Brockmann Consult GERMANY
12 Brown, Michael RHEA NETHERLANDS
13 Cabot, Francois CNES/CESBIO FRANCE
14 Calvet, Jean-Christophe METEO-FRANCE FRANCE
15 Camps, Adriano Univ. Politècnica de Catalunya SPAIN
16 Candeias, Henrique DEIMOS Engenharia PORTUGAL
17 Cano, Aurelio University of Valencia SPAIN
18 Catarino, Nuno DEIMOS Engenharia PORTUGAL
19 Crapolicchio, Raffaele Serco ITALY
20 Danne, Olaf Brockmann Consult GERMANY
21 de la Fuente, Antonio INSA SPAIN
22 de Rosnay, Patricia ECMWF UNITED KINGDOM
24 Dente, Laura Inte. Inst. Geo-Information Scienc NETHERLANDS
25 Drinkwater, Mark ESA NETHERLANDS
26 Drusch, Matthias ECMWF UNITED KINGDOM
27 Escorihuela, Maria Jose CESBIO FRANCE
28 Ferrazzoli, Paolo Tor Vergata University ITALY
29 Ffield, Amy Earth & Space Research UNITED STATES
30 Font, Jordi Institut de Ciencies del Mar CSIC SPAIN
31 Friesen, Jan TU Delft NETHERLANDS
32 Gaillard, Fabienne IFREMER FRANCE
33 Germain, Vincent NOVELTIS FRANCE
34 Gommenginger, Christine Nat. Oceanography Centre UNITED KINGDOM
35 Gordon, Arnold L. Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory UNITED STATES
36 Gourrion, Jerome Institut de Ciencias del Mar SPAIN
37 Grant, Jennifer Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam NETHERLANDS
38 Gruhier, Claire CESBIO FRANCE
39 Guimbard, Sebastien Ifremer FRANCE
40 Hallikainen, Martti Helsinki University of Technology FINLAND
41 Henocq, Claire LOCEAN / ACRI-ST FRANCE
42 Heygster, Georg University of Bremen GERMANY
44 Juglea, Silvia CESBIO FRANCE
45 Kaihotsu, Ichirow Hiroshima University JAPAN
46 Kainulainen, Juha Helsinki University of Technology FINLAND
48 Labroue, Sylvie CLS FRANCE
49 Lacava, Teodosio IMAA - CNR ITALY
50 Lagerloef, Gary ESR UNITED STATES
51 Lazzarini, Michele Tor Vergata University of Rome ITALY
52 Le Vine, David NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center UNITED STATES
53 Licciardi, Giorgio Antonino "Tor Vergata"University of Rome ITALY
54 Loew, Alexander University of Munich GERMANY
55 Lopez-Baeza, Ernesto University of Valencia SPAIN
56 Macelloni, Giovanni Ifac - CNR ITALY
57 Mahmoodi, Ali Array Systems Computing Inc CANADA
58 Marczewski, Wojciech Space Research Centre POLAND
60 Martin-Neira, Manuel ESA NETHERLANDS
61 Martin-Porqueras, Fernando ESA Trainee NETHERLANDS
62 Mecklenburg, Susanne ESA ITALY
63 Meloni, Marco Universita Tor Vergata ITALY
64 Mialon, Arnaud CESBIO FRANCE
65 Millan, Cristina University of Valencia SPAIN
66 Montzka, Carsten Research Centre Juelich GERMANY
67 Moreno, Richard CNES FRANCE
68 Moufaddal, Wahid Nat. Inst. Oceanography & Fisheries EGYPT
69 Mourre, Baptiste Institut de Ciències del Mar SPAIN
70 Nawaz, Rab PeshawarUniversity PAKISTAN
71 Obligis, Estelle-Anne CLS FRANCE
72 Paloscia, Simonetta CNR-IFAC ITALY
73 Pardé, Mickaël CETP FRANCE
74 Peichl, Markus DLR GERMANY
75 Pellarin, Thierry CNRS FRANCE
76 Petitcolin, Francois ACRI-ST FRANCE
77 Picard, Bruno CLS FRANCE
78 Pinori, Sabrina Serco ITALY
79 Rahmoune, Rachid Università Tor Vergata ITALY
80 Rautiainen, Kimmo Helsinki University of Technology FINLAND
81 reul, nicolas IFREMER FRANCE
82 Richaume, Philippe CESBIO FRANCE
83 Rivalland, Vincent Noveltis FRANCE
84 Ruiz, Vicente INSA SPAIN
85 Sabia, Roberto Polytechnic Catalonia Univ. SPAIN
87 Sanchis-Dufau, Antonio University of Salamanca SPAIN
88 Schlenz, Florian University of Munich GERMANY
89 Schmid, Manfred Geo-K s.r.l. ITALY
90 Sellitto, Pasquale Tor Vergata University of Rome ITALY
91 Skou, Niels Tech. University of Denmark DENMARK
92 Søbjærg, Sten Schmidl Technical University of Denmark DENMARK
93 Stammer, Detlef University Hamburg GERMANY
94 Suess, Martin ESA NETHERLANDS
95 Talone, Marco ICM - CSIC SPAIN
96 Tenerelli, Joseph BOOST Technologies FRANCE
97 Torres, Francesc UPC SPAIN
98 van Oevelen, Peter Serco NETHERLANDS
99 Venet, Michel CNES FRANCE
100 Wagner, Wolfgang Vienna University of Technology AUSTRIA
101 Waldteufel, Philippe CNRS FRANCE
102 Walker, Jeffrey University of Melbourne AUSTRALIA
103 Wursteisen, Patrick ESA NETHERLANDS
104 Zine, Sonia LOCEAN FRANCE