Eleanor J. Burke
Department of Hydrology and Water Resources
University of Arizona
Tucson, AZ 85721
Tel: 520 621 1378
Fax: 520 621 1422
Email: eleanor@hwr.arizona.edu

Eleanor Burke obtained a BA in physics (University of Oxford, UK) and a MSc in oceanography (University of Southmapton, UK). She received her PhD from the University of Reading in 1997 for the development and application of a soil-vegetation-atmosphere scheme coupled with a passive microwave emission model (MICRO-SWEAT). She then spent two years working at the Institute of Hydrology, UK developing further applications of MICRO-SWEAT. These applications include the estimation of soil hydraulic properties, and the derivation of simple summary models to estimate surface soil moisture and bare soil evaporation from passive microwave emission. She has just started working at the Department of Hydrology and Water Resources at the University of Arizona.

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