Ernesto Lopez-Baeza
Universitat De València
Facultat De Física
Unidad De Investigación De Teledetección
Calle Dr Moliner,
50. Burjassot.
46100 Valencia (España)
Phone: +34.96.3983118
Fax: +34.96.3983385

Ernesto Lopez-Baeza received his Doctorate Degree from the University of Valencia (Spain) for his work on the determination of thermal properties of solid materials, in 1986. He then joined the Remote Sensing Unit of that University where he has been involved in the EU Projects EFEDA, RESMEDES and RESYSMED, as scientific coordinator of the group and working mainly on Shortwave Radiation Balance including the effecs of clouds.His previous background on surface radiation and soil heat flux is strongly motivating him to study the coupling between the radiative response and the energy response of the land surface. This physical relationship is logically influenced by soil moisture and the surface type. Some previous trial studies at a micrometeorological scale have been carried out using data from the projects he has been involved in.

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We would also like to monitor soil moisture by means of in situ measurements. In order to be able to compare to the SMOS brightness temperature measurements , , we propose the selection of several test areas scattered in the Valentian Community Region (East of Spain), according to proximity criteria (depending on the image pixel size) and to homogeneity factors (depending on soil types whose information is available for the Valentian Region). The test reference sites would be composed of groups of electrical soil moisture sensors linked to a central control system, for example via GSM (SMOS updates the measurement every two days). Periodically, we could perform calibration tasks of the test reference points by means of conventional sample analyses and TDR measurements. This part of the work would be carried out in collaboration with the Communications Department of the School of Telecommunication Engineering of the Polytechnical University of Valencia (L. Sempere and V. Sempere).

Luis Sempere has been previously working on monitoring soil moisture by means of electrical sensors in a project on irrigation control of large gardening areas (Botanical Gardens and the like). He is teaching Remote Sensing to Telecommunication Enginnering students since 1991. He also knows about monitoring soil moisture by means of microwave radiometry and very shortly (December 1998/January 1999) he will be defending his Doctorate Thesis on Microwave Interferometric Radiometry for Remote Sensing of Soil Moisture. This work also refers to the construction, characterisation and calibration of a one-dimensional interferometric radiometer in the X band, in order to experimentally study spatial resolution and secondary lobe level for retrieval of bright point sources. He also has some experience on active and passive high-resolution microwave images.

Victor Sempere has also been working on the design of the soil moisture electrical sensor network mentioned above and its communication protocol to the central node. He is an expert in fieldbus systems and protocol engineering for industrial communication networks.

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Role in the SMOS mission :

In the context of the SMOS Proposal, we are interested in studying the relationship between net radiation and soil heat flux as influenced by soil moisture, but now at a regional scale. It is a good opportunity to also being involved on the future use of GERB Data, which will be operational from October 2000, to cooperate in this Proposal by studying the influence of soil moisture (from SMOS) on net radiation (from GERB).

In the short term, we would like to carry out some field measurements on net radiation, soil heat flux and soil moisture for different surface types. In principle, 3 postgraduate students will be collaborating in the work, two of them full time.