Jean-Christophe Calvet
42 avenue G; Coriolis,
31057 Toulouse cedex 01
Phone: 33 05 61 079308
Fax: 33 05 61 07 96 26

Jean-Christophe Calvet received the engineering degree from the "Institut National Agronomique Paris-Grignon," Paris, France, in agronomy and the engineering degree from the "Ecole Nationale de la Météorologie," Toulouse, France, in meteorology.

In 1990, he joined Météo-France/CNRM, Toulouse, France. From September to March 1991 he was on leave of absence to work at the Laboratoire d'Etudes et de Recherches en Télédétection spatiale, Toulouse, France, and from April 1991 to July 1992 at the Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais, Sao José dos Campos, Brazil.

In 1996, he received the Ph. D. degree from the "Université Paul Sabatier," Toulouse, France. His application interests are in the land-atmosphere exchange modeling and in the use of remote sensing over land surfaces for meteorology. His most recent works concern the analysis of soil moisture and the representation of an interactive vegetation in climate models.

Calvet, J.-C., J. Noilhan et P. Bessemoulin, "Retrieving the root-zone soil moisture from surface soil moisture or temperature estimates: a feasibility study based on field measurements", Journal of Applied Meteorology, Vol. 37, No. 4, pp. 371-386, 1998.

Calvet, J.-C., J. Noilhan, J.-L. Roujean, P. Bessemoulin, M. Cabelguenne, A. Olioso et J.-P. Wigneron, "An interactive vegetation SVAT model tested against data from six contrasting sites", Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, Vol. 92, pp. 73-95, 1998.

Calvet, J.-C., P. Bessemoulin, J. Noilhan, and 20 coauthors, "MUREX: a land-surface field experiment to study the annual cycle of the energy and water budgets", Ann. Geophys., submitted, 1998.

Role in the SMOS mission:

Jean-Christophe Calvet will Coordinate the Meteorology/climatology group. He will also contribute to the development of SMOS land parameter retrieval algorithms, and field experiments to validate the SMOS products. Concerning passive microwaves, the main main objective of Météo-France/CNRM is to analyse the soil water content in mesoscale (5-50 km) meteorological models.