Jordi Font
Co-Lead Investigator
Dept. of Marine Geology and Physical Oceanography
Institut de Ciències del Mar - CSIC
P. Joan de Borbó s/n, 08039 Barcelona, Spain
Phone +34 932 216 416 Fax +34 932 217 340

Dr. Jordi Font is responsible for the Physical Oceanography Group and Assistant Director of ICM-CSIC. Main research expertise: Mediterranean sea circulation, Upper ocean dynamics, Shelf/slope exchange processes, Ocean currents measurement techniques, Remote sensing of the ocean. Principal investigator for several Spanish and European research projects on physical oceanography and ocean remote sensing. Participant in 36 oceanographic campaigns. 90 communications to scientific symposia. 60 published papers. Responsible for the first Spanish ERS-1 AO research proposal. Member of the group that founded the Spanish Remote Sensing Association. Expert on oceanographic remote sensing in several meetings and contracts (e.g. ESA-ESTEC Modest resolution radars for radar/radiometer applications, feasibility study, 1995-96).

J.Vázquez, J.Font, J.J.Martínez-Benjamín (1996) Observations on the circulation in the Alboran Sea using ERS1 Altimetry and Sea Surface Temperature data, J. Phys. Oceanogr., 26(8): 1426-1439

J.Font, B.Shirasago, J.J.Martínez, D.Sánchez, R.Arbiol, V.Palà, V.Moreno, A.Martínez, J.Vázquez (1996) Evaluation of ERS-1 microwave sensors capability in the study of oceanic fronts. Rev. Teledet., 6: 27-36

O.Chic, J.Font, S. Sandven (1997) ERS-2 SAR near real time data used in the sampling strategy of an oceanographic cruise in the western Mediterranean. In: Space at the service of our environment. 3rd ERS-1 Symposium, Ed. T.D. Guyenne & D. Danesy, ESA SP-414: 1433-1438, Noordwijk

C.Bouzinac, J.Vázquez, J.Font (1998) CEOF analysis of ERS-1 and Topex/Poseidon combined altimetric data in the region of the Algerian current, J. Geophys. Res.,103(C4): 8059-8071

J.Font, C. Millot, A. Julià, J. Salas, O. Chic (1998) The drift of Modified Atlantic Water from the Alboran Sea to the eastern Mediterranean, Scient. Mar., 62(3): 211-216

Role in the SMOS mission:

The ICM-CSIC team is primarily interested in the feasibility of SMOS to retrieve ocean salinity for different applications. J. Font has been participating in the preparation of the proposal as co-leader, responsible for the oceanography group, and co-ordinator of the Spanish scientists. The role will be to closely work with groups involved in physics of measurements and ocean dynamics in studies on algorithms accuracy, sensitivity to different parameters, etc. to provide the best product for general oceanographic applications. The team operates several facilities for ground measurements (ships, on board and moored equipment) that will be used for dedicated experiments or in providing data from opportunity cruises, both in pre-launch and after launch validation.