Javier Bara,
Adriano Camps,
Ignasi Corbella,
Núria Duffo,
Francesc Torres,
Merçé Vall-Llossera
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
Campus Nord, D4
PHONE: 93-34-401.60.85 / 93-34-401.73.63
FAX: 93-34-401.72.32
During the last six years, UPC activities in interferometric radiometry have been supported by 7 ESA contracts and a 3-year Spanish research project. Some recent results are compiled in 12 refereed papers, 9 international communications to congresses, and a 100 MHz 1bit/2 level digital correlator circuit patent. The activities cover: i) an X-band interferometric radiometer prototype, ii) the theoretical analysis system performance, calibration procedures, image processing and hardware requirements, and iii) the implementation of a hardware-based SMOS/MIRAS simulator that allows the prediction of its end-to-end performance. The simulator consists of the following modules: an orbit propagator, a brightness temperature generator, an error correction and calibration procedure, an image reconstruction, and a pixel averaging. UPC current activities are focused on MIRAS Failure Analisys (FAN), an ESA supported project.
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Role in the SMOS mission:

UPC broad experience in aperture synthesis interferometric radiometry, is focused in this proposal in error correction, calibration, and image reconstruction techniques. Experimental activities are supported by laboratories and anechoic chambers, while simulation results are supported by the supercomputing facilities of the CEPBA (European Centre for Parallelism of Barcelona). UPC planned activities are concerned both with the analysis of SMOS/MIRAS receiver failures and system performance degradation by means of the hardware-modeled SMOS/MIRAS simulator described above. Dr. Camps will coordinate the Instrument modelling aspects.