Véronique Garçon
18 Avenue Edouard Belin,
30155 Toulouse Cedex, France
Phone: + 33 5 61 33 29 57,
fax: + 33 5 61 25 32 05,
e-mail: Veronique Garcon@cnes.fr

Experienced research scientist with particular interest in the field of oceanic carbon modelling using in situ and satellite data within the WOCE and JGOFS programs.

V. Garçon is Chairman of the International JGOFS North Atlantic Synthesis Group, a member of the Scientific Committe of JGOFS International and a member of the Scientific Committe of SOMARE (ECC program).

V. Garçon is co-I of the WOCE France effort in the Confluence zone of the Brazil and Malvinas currents in the southwest Atlantic ocean (1987- ) and has a considerable experience in the collection of sea-truth geochemical data.

She also works in the field of oceanographic instrument development (in situ nutrients analyzer onto vertical autonomous profiler.)

Larqué L., Maamaatuaiahutapu K. and Garçon V.C., 1997, On the intermediate and Deep Waters flows in the South Atlantic ocean, Journal of Geophysical Research, 102, C6, 12425-12440.

Maamaatuaiahutapu K., Garçon V.C., Provost C. ,and Mercier H., 1998, Transports of the Brazil and Malvinas Currents at their Confluence, Journal of Marine Research, 56, 1-22.

Oschlies, A. and Garçon, V.C., 1998, Eddy-induced enhancement of primary production in a model of the North Atlantic ocean, Nature, 394, 266-269.

Oschlies, A., and Garçon, V.C., 1998, An eddy-resolving coupled physical-biological model of the North Atlantic . Part I : Sensitivity to advection numerics and mixed layer physics, Global Biogeochemical Cycles, in press.

Gunson,J., Oschlies A. and Garçon, V., 1998, Sensitivity of ecosystem parameters to simulated satellite ocean colour data using a coupled physical-biological model of the North Atlantic ocean, Journal of Marine Research, in revision.

Role in the SMOS mission:

Field studies in oceanography for sensor calibration (cal/val activities and end-user of the system). Two locations are planned : ono in the southwest Atlantic in the Brazil/Malvinas confluence zone and one in the Agulhas /Benguela region.