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BIOMASS mission and forest observations

- Le Toan T., S. Quegan, M. Davidson, H. Balzter, P. Paillou , K. Papathanassiou, S. Plummer, S. Saatchi, H. Shugart, L. Ulander  (2011): ‘The BIOMASS Mission : Mapping global forest biomass to better understand the terrestrial carbon cycle’, Remote Sensing of Environment, 115(2011)2850-2860.  
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- Albinet, C., P. Borderies, T. Koleck,  F. Rocca, S. Tebaldini, L. Villard , T. Le Toan’ "TROPISCAT : A Ground Based Polarimetric Scatterometer Experiment in Tropical Forests« » IEEE JSTARS, vo. 5, no 3, pp 1060-1066, June 2012.
- Ho Tong Minh D, S. Tebaldini, F. Rocca, T. Koleck, P. Borderies, C. Albinet, L. Villard, A. Hamadi and T. Le Toan ‘Ground based array for tomographic imaging of the tropical forest in P band’, IEEE Geosci and Remote Sensing, Volume 51 , Issue 8, 2013.
- Mermoz, S., T. Le Toan, L. Villard, M. Réjou-Méchain: Biomass assessment in Cameroon Savanna using ALOS-PALSAR data: submitted to Remote Sensing of Environment, October 2012.
- Villard L., T. Le Toan: Biomass indicator for Tropical Dense Forests over Hully terrains from P-band SAR intensity : in review, JSTAR, February 2013. 
- Dubois-Fernandez, . ..T. Le Toan et al., ‘The ONERA radar airborne platform and the related science activitie’.: SFPT no 200, October 2012.
- Dubois-Fernandez P., T. Le Toan, S. Daniel, H.Oriot, J. Chave, L. Blanc, L. Villard, M. Davidson et M. Petit, ‘The TropiSAR airborne campaign in French Guiana: Objectives, description and observed temporal behavior of the backscatter signal’, IEEE Geoscience and Remote sensing, vol.56, no 8, pp 3228-3241, August 2012.
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- Haeusler T., Gomez S., Siwe R. Le Toan T., Mermoz S., Schardt M., Sannier C. ‘Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation in Africa (REDDAF), in ‘Let’s embrace space’, EU publication, 2012.
- Delbart N., P. Ciais , J. Chave, N. Viovy, Y. Mahli, T. Le Toan ,’Above ground biomass simulated by a Dynamic Vegetation Model in Amazonia : mortality as a key pilot of the spatial distribution’ Biogeosciences, 7, 1-12, September 2010.
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- Garestier,F, P. Dubois-Fernandez, D. Guyon and T. Le Toan ”Forest biophysical parameter estimation using L- and P-band Polarimetric SAR data,” IEEE TGRS, October 2009.
- Le Toan T., S. Quegan, M. Davidson, H. Balzter, P. Paillou , K. Papathanassiou, S. Plummer, S. Saatchi, H. Shugart, L. Ulander : ‘The BIOMASS Mission Report for Assessment’, ESA SP 1313/2, November 2008.
- Tokola T., T. Le Toan, V. Poncet F., Tuominen,S., Holopainen,M. ’Forest Reconnaissance surveys: Comparison of estimates based on simulated TerraSAR and optical data’, The Photogrammetric journal of Finland, Vol 20, No 2, pp 64-79, 2007.
- Le Toan T., S. Quegan, I. Woodward, M. Lomas, N.Delbart and G. Picard, "Relating radar remote sensing of biomass to modelling of forest carbon budgets, J. of Climatic Change, 67 :379-402 , 2004.
- Picard G., T. Le Toan, S. Quegan (2004) « A Three-Dimensional Radiative Transfer Model applied to ranging scatterometer measurements from a pine forest » Waves in Random Media, 14 (2004), 317-331.
- Picard G., T. Le Toan, S. Quegan, Y. Cariglio, (2004). Radiative Transfer modeling of cross-polarised backscatter from a pine forest using the discrete ordinate and eigenvalue method », IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing,Vol 42, no 8, pp1720-1730. Observation of cropland
- Bouvet A., Le Toan T. “Use of ENVISAT/ASAR wide-swath data for timely rice fields mapping in the Mekong river delta”, Remote Sensing of Environment, 115 (2011) 1090-1101.
- Bouvet A., T. Le Toan and N. Floury, Macklin T.,’An end-to-end error model for classification methods based on temporal change or polarisation ratio of SAR intensities’’, IEEE Geosc. and Remote Sensing, Vol. 48, No9, pp 3521-3528, September 2010.
- Hadria R., B. Duchemin, L. Jarlan, G. Dedieu, F. Baup, S. Khabba, A. Olioso, T. Le Toan,” Potentiality of optical and radar satellite data at high spatio-temporal resolutions for the monitoring of irrigated wheat crops in Morocco’ Int.Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation, Vol.12, February 2010, 532-537.
- Bouvet A., Le Toan T, Lam Dao N., (2009) “Monitoring of the rice cropping system in the Mekong delta using ENVISAT/ASAR dual polarisation data”, IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, vol. 47 no 2, pp.517-526, February 2009.
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- Hadria R.; Benoit Duchemin; Frédéric Baup; Thuy Le Toan; Alexandre Bouvet; Gérard Dedieu; Michel Le Page ‘Combined use of optical and radar satellite data for the monitoring of agricultural practices: case study in Central Morocco’ Water Management, vol. 96, pp.1120-1127, 2009.
- Lam-Dao N., A. Apan, T. Le-Toan, A. Bouvet, Frank Young, Trung Le-Van. Rice Crop Mapping Using Radar Imagery: Comparison of Classification Accuracy of Different Envisat ASAR Modes and Classifiers, Asian Journal of Geomatics, September 2009.
- Lam Dao N., T. Le Toan, A. Apan, A. Bouvet, F. Young and T. Le van, ‘ Effects of changing rice cultural practices on C-band SAR backscatter in the Mekong delta’ Journal of Applied Remote Sensing, Vol. 3, 033563 (Nov. 12, 2009).
- González-Sanpedro MC, T. Le Toan, J. Moreno b,2, L. Kergoat , E. Rubio (2008) Seasonal variations of leaf area index of agricultural fields retrieved from Landsat data, Remote Sensing of Environment 112 (2008) 810–824. - Yang S., Shen S., Li B., T. Le Toan, and He W. “Rice Mapping and Monitoring Using Envisat Asar Data” Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters, IEEE, 5,(1), 108-112, (2008).

Observation of changes in land surfaces

- Delbart, N., Picard, G., Le Toan, T., Kergoat, L., Quegan, S., Woodward, I, Dye, D., and Fedotova, V., (2008) Spring phenology in boreal Eurasia in a nearly century time-scale, Global Change Biology, 14 (3) 603­614 doi:10.1111/j.1365-2486.2007.01505
- Vicente-Serrano S. , Grippa M., Le Toan T., and Mognard N. (2007) : Role of atmospheric circulation with respect to the interannual variability in the date of snow cover disappearance over northern latitudes between 1988 and 2003 JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH, VOL. 112, D08108, doi:10.1029/2005JD006571, 2007
- Grippa, M., N. M. Mognard, T. Le Toan, and S. Biancamaria (2007), Observations of changes in surface water over the western Siberia lowland, Geophys. Res. Lett., 34, L15403, doi:10.1029/2007GL030165.
- Martinez J. M. and Le Toan T. “Mapping of Flood Dynamics and Spatial Distribution of Vegetation in the Amazon Floodplain Using Multitemporal SAR Data” Remote Sensing of Environment,108,(3), 209-223,(2007).
- Delbart N, Le Toan T, Kergoat L, V Fedotova, 2006, Remote sensing of spring phenology in boreal regions: A free of snow-effect method using NOAA-AVHRR and SPOT-VGT data (1982-2004), Remote Sensing of Environment, 101, 52-62, 2006.
- Frappart F.K. Do Minh, J. L’Hermitte, A. Cazenave, G. Ramillien, T. Le Toan, N. Mognard-Campbell (2006) Water volume change in the lower Mekong from satellite altimetry and imagery data Geophysical Journal International 167 (2) , 570­584 doi:10.1111/j.1365-246X.2006.03184.x
- Vicente Serrano S., N. Delbart, T. Le Toan , M. Grippa 2006, “El Nino-Southern Oscillation influences on the variability of the leaf Appearance dates in Central Siberia »,Geophysical Research Letter, V. 33, L03707, 2006
- Vicente-Serrano, M. Grippa, N. Delbart, T. Le Toan and L. Kergoat “ Seasonal pressure patterns influence on temporal variability of vegetation activity in central Siberia”, Int J Climatol. 26 :303-321 (2006)
- Vicente-Serrano, M. Grippa, T. Le Toan, N.Mognard “The role of atmospheric circulation with respect to the interannual variability in the date of snow cover disappearance over northern latitudes between 1988 and 2003”, Journal of Geophysical Research – Atmospheres, November 2006.
- Grippa M., L. Kergoat, T. Le Toan, N. Mognard, N.Delbart, J. L’Hermitte and S.Vicente-Serrano (2005), “The impact of snow depth and snow melt on the vegetation variability over Central Siberia”. Geophysical Research Letter, Vol.32, L21412, 2005.
- Grippa M, N. Mognard and T. Le Toan, 2005 “Comparison between the interannual variability of snow parameters derived from SSM/I and the Ob river discharge”, Remote Sensing of Environment, 98: 35-44.
- Delbart N., L. Kergoat, T. Le Toan, J. L’Hermitte and G. Picard, 2005, “ Determination of the dates of greening up in Siberian boreal forests using NDWI from SPOT- VEGETATION data”, Remote Sensing of Environment, 97: 26-38.
- Grippa M., N. Mognard, T. Le Toan, E. G. Josberger, Siberia snow depth climatology from SSM/I data using a combined dynamic and static algorithm (2004), Remote Sensing of Environment, Vol 93, Issue 1-2, pp 30-41.



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    - Member of Scientific Committees of International Symposia and Workshops (IGARSS, LandSAR, PolInSAR, ENVISAT, the ESA Living Planet)

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    - External collaborator of the U K NERC Centre of Excellence (Centre of Terrestrial Carbon Dynamics) - IEEE Symposium, paper Award




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