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This Table contains the catalog of radiossounding campaign from Institut of Hydrology.
Principal investigator:
Alistair D. CULF
The fields of the table are:
  1. GRID_ID : This column contains the name of the grid where the data was taken.
  2. GRID_ORDER : This column contains the number of the station in the grid cell.
  3. OBS_DATE : This column contains the date on which the observation was made in the format DD-MMM-YY (launch date).
  4. OBS_TIME : This column contains the time when the observation was made, in GMT (launch time).
  5. FIELD_NOTE : This column contains brief field notes such as developement of clouds.
  6. GMT_TIME : This column contains the complete date (date, time) of launch.
  7. CERT_LEVEL : This column contains the certification level for the data : T)est,C)hecked by PI, U)ncheck by PI.
  8. REV_DATE : This column contains the revision date for the data in the format DD-MMM-YY.

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