The Living Planet Program : Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity (SMOS)

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Technical works CESBIO / Service d'Aéronomie (CBSA)

2008 CBSA SMOS OPS preparatory optimisation note. - new
SO-TN-CBSA-SYS-0006-02.a - (31/10/2008)
CBSA Binding list propagation scheme for preparing ECMWF grib for SML2PP processor -
SO-TN-CBSA-GS-0019 (11/7/2008)
CBSA SMOS OPS preparatory optimisation note. -
SO-TN-CBSA-SYS-0006-01.b - (28/7/2008)
2007 CBSA Pixel geometry for a tilted, space borne interferometricRadiometer (SO-TN-CBSA-GS-0016 Issue: 1.a (31/10/2007 ) pdf
  Overall System Performance Synthesis Report
(SO-TN-CESBIO-SYS-1184) - 31/01/2007
2006 CBSA Algorithm validation plan for SMOS level 2 SMPPD / SO-TN-CBSA-GS-0015 / draft 1.g (09/11/06)
CBSA Preliminary statistics on SLOS land working areas (4/2006)
CBSA Impact of the variable angular apodization function on galactic contribution (06/04/2006)
CBSA Flagging the topographic impact on the SMOS signal (15/03/2006)
CBSA SMOS L2 processor discrete flexible fine grid definition (1/2006)
2005 CBSA ECMWF DATA Requirements For level 2 SM processor (7/2005)
CBSA Approximating the weighting function to be used in the SMOS L2 processor (6/2005) pdf
CBSA Coverage loss due to calibration periods (3/2005) pdf
2004 CBSA SMOS level 2 processor high level requirements (7/2004) pdf
CBSA SMOS Level 3 & 4 data User Model (7/2004) pdf
CBSA Brightness temperature products for browsing (7/2004 pdf
CBSA SMOS geolocation natural targets (9/2004) pdf
CBSA Radiometric biases when using a wide beam radiometer (9/2004) pdf
CBSA Summary note on SMOS calibration issues (3/2004) pdf
CBSA Overall system performance synthesis report (5/2004) pdf
2003 CBSA Note on SMOS calibration and validation (10/2003) (540K) pdf
CBSA Mission products and data processing requirements for SMOS (3/2003) pdf
CBSA Note on suggested archival scheme for SMOS’level 3 and higher (4/2003) pdf


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