SPOT4 (Take5) / Progress report

SPOT4(Take5) experiment started two weeks ago, here is a progress report :

  • Image acquisitions are progressing nominally, but the weather above France is very poor. Other sites are much better off.
  • Production of Level 1A images started at SpotImage. It is done once a week, on Thursdays. Accounting for the delay before image download, up to 2 weeks may happen between an image acquisition and level 1A product delivery.
  • First ortho-images have been generated, and the fusion of 4 SPOT4 images works fine and almost seamlessly.
  • As soon as we get our first time series above a given site, we will start testing and tuning the Level 2A methods (Cloud detection, atmospheric corrections)
  • The MUSCATE processing centre of the French Land Thematic Centre started its adaptation to SPOT4. Modifications will take a few weeks, and after that we will be able to start operational production.

First SPOT4(Take5) Level 1C (hand made), obtained in Provence (France), from a mosaic obtained from 4 SPOT4 images acquired simultaneously and ortho-rectified.

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